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The glory of being a Deputy

Are you up for being a proud deputy of The People of Burning Man? If you're up for helping to spread the word about this project, join the clan of folks making it so that this kind of book can effect the world as much as we all want it to.

We can only do this together. :-)

How To Become a Deputy

Just email juian and offer to help tell the world about the project. Before long you will be deputized and will be empowered to do strange and wonderful thing in the name of all that is glorious and good and somewhat naughty.

Your friends will be shocked and amazed. Your life will have new found meaning. Flower that previously had no fragrance at all will explode with delightful odoriferous magnificence.

Dare you be part of this elite clan? Look inside yourself and consider an enhanced destiny.

We believe the list below is a list of the most awesome human beings on the planet.

Deputies Who Participated

This is a list of the very best folks on planet earth.

I think I have something in my eye...*sniffle*