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Frequently Asked Questions

Burning Man

A mystical city springs forth. The population builds, creates, and begins to explore. Each day brings moments more intense, wonderful, and absurd, than before. Society is redefined. Freedom is king. Art is everything. And then in a blink, the people disperse, the city is gone.

This is a book of kindred souls. Look in their eyes and know how much is possible.

Can I get a book? Can I have it before this Burning Man? Give it to me now!
Yes! You can Order your book now and so long as you order with enough padding, you should have it well before Burning Man.
What camp were the photographs taken at? When were they taken?
The pictures were taken at Supersnail camp and Bunny camp over many years starting way back in 1998. Most of those years, the camp was in center camp and was a bit hidden behind a cute little body painting garden.
How is everything white background? Was this done with Photoshop?
All the the white background photographs were taken in a studio that was set up at Burning Man. The photos were taken with all natural light against white seamless paper. Photoshop was mostly just used to polish images and make collages.
Can you tell me more?
There is an interview with Julian right here.