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John Halcyon Styn
(shown in the pink photo here)
I found myself laughing and clapping as I turned the pages. It is as close to a 'Burning Man Bible' as we're likely to ever have.
Dr. Annie Sprinkle Ph.D.
Sex Activist
Mesmerizing! A visually glorious, fun, sexy celebration. Socially challenging and rejuvenating. Some of the best photography you'll ever experience.
Larry Harvey
Burning Man founder
Having watched Julian Cash at work, I remain baffled. Exactly how does he elicit these effects? The man is a magician.
Fakir Musafar
Artist, Shaman, and Father of the Modern Primitive Movement
I've known many talented and famous photographers, but none of them come close to the sensitivity and playfulness of Julian Cash. His beautiful and joyous Burning Man collection penetrates deep into the human psyche. It is a precious archive of contemporary history.
Rob Brezsny
Subculture author of Freewill Astrology
Since I started licking the pages of Julian Cash's delicious and nutritious chronicle, I find I'm able to conjure up increasingly extravagant fantasies and nighttime dreams...
Stewart Brand
Founder of the Whole Earth Catalog
Showing off as art, therapy, save-the-world, and torque-the-world. World class.


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