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How To Get Books for Barter/Free

I give away a lot of free things, and I always have. A question I get asked often, is about whether I can give a free book. I would prefer not to give individual free books, but I can do this for communities as a shared resource. I want the message of our Burning Man community to be seen and understood by as many people as possible. I gave books to help fund the building of the Temple this year, because it isn't a theme camp that benefits some people, it benefits us all.

A Book in Every Country

If you can pay the postage to send the book to a good home in a country we don't yet have on this list, we will send a complimentary book so that the book can end up in as many countries as possible. The postage to most (but not all) countries is about $24.

Places the books are in already:

Or you can send 24$ to in order to help defray postage for someone else in a poor country ( $24 is several hundred in parts of Africa )

Your Local Library

It's easy to donate books to the library, but you may not know that they only put select books on the shelf, some donations are simply discarded. If you know that your local library will be interested in lending out The People Of Burning Man, we're happy to send a book to them. Check with them and see what they say. If they are game, then please contact us or have them email julian.

A Media Copy

We don't have any advertising budget, so word of mouth or the press is all we have. As part of our "Media" program, we'll send a copy in exchange for a little write up of what you think of the book. We're okay with a disclaimer, as in "I wasn't compensated for this review but I did get a free copy in exchange for my take on it."

We LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing what people think of the book. Ideally your paper or site would have circulation of a few hundred dedicated readers, but we are suckers for small mountain newspapers.

For more on this, hop on over to the Press Kit. And if you know anybody in the media who likes Burning Man, we would be thrilled to get in touch with them.

If you are a rock star and want to mention us in Rolling Stone...well actually you don't need a free copy, do you? *head scratch* but we'd discuss some kinda trade.

Trade for Burning Man Schwag

Do you belong to a Burning Man camp with lovely Schwag? We'll trade you a $35 book for an approximately equal value of stickers, patches, buttons, magnets, etc.

We'll then send it out to people with their books. This is super yummy for everybody! Your project or camp gets more attention and a book, and people who order the book get Schwag and a dab of your coolness.

We LOVE stickers, buttons, patches, magnets, necklaces, etc. We don't usually go for post cards or flyers.

If you have schwag that you'd be up for exchanging for a book, please do email julian!

As an Ember Scout, our own Jackie Cash gave away many attractive patches at Burning Man 2011. Her sticker collection ( 30 years in the making ) graced many of your packages this year. "I wanted the love to shine out" she said. We watched with a certain awe as she let us paw through her treasures and send them to strangers.

Get other neat Schwag

For the things below, we don't give a book, but we be thrilled to give you other fun yummy Burning Man Schwag goodness.

Loaning to Your Friends - Gallery

We designed the book so that you could easily loan it to other people. When you do, encourage them write on the borrowers card on the inside front cover.

Can you fill up your borrowers card? If you do, you can add it to our Borrowers Card gallery. In exchange, we'll send you something nifty. To the right is a borrowers card that's not quite filled up yet.

If you are stupendous enough to fill up your borrowers card, take out your cell phone, snap a picture of it, and send it to us. We admit this is mostly because we are curious to see them :)

Review on Amazon

We don't get the full purchase price when you order a book through Amazon, but if you do end up buying a copy through them (or even if you didn't) you could help us out a LOT by reviewing the book.